Stonehaven Brown County Cabin

Good Aim Communications developed a travel-focused website for a luxurious Brown County, Ind. destination: Stonehaven cabin ( This Brown County stone cabin caters to outdoors enthusiasts, with Brown County State Park, Yellowwood National Forest, Hoosier National Forest and many other hiking/biking trails nearby – plus, a private trail on site. While secluded, this cabin is only a short drive from the vibrant town of Nashville. A wide range of nearby attractions are presented on Stonehaven’s website to enhance the guests’ vacation plans.

We implemented several features to help guests determine if it’s the right fit for their needs and easily reserve their dates. An amenities list helps guests quickly review the cabin’s ample space and unique features. Website visitors also can review the guest book comments left by previous Stonehavent guests. Visitors may make reservations via a quick button or top navigation link, both easily accessible throughout the website.

Results: Stonehaven cabin now attracts Brown County visitors via its own user-friendly website, featuring a robust overview of the stunning vacation home and nearby attractions – from hiking and biking excursions to dining and arts experiences.