IHCDA – On the Rebound: Marion, IN | Video Documentary

Marion, like many other small cities in Indiana, was built up by the manufacturing industry, had many jobs and loved basketball. Sadly, the industry left the city, and Marion has been struggling to grow ever since. Many people left looking for work. Their houses fell into blight and disrepair. Crime and drugs festered in the wounds created by the lack of jobs. However, in recent years, Marion has gained a new tool to aid in the battle against blight: the Blight Elimination Program.

With funds through the Blight Elimination Program, Marion has demolished over 75 houses that have been detrimental to the city, primarily in the downtown area. They accomplished this on their relatively small budget through a remarkably efficient demolition system and team. They recycled their remaining funds to tear down more buildings than originally projected. Through their hard work, Marion has begun the arduous task of revitalizing their downtown and becoming a place where people desire to live.

This video, filmed and produced by Good Aim Communications, provides an overview of Marion’s story, with a focus on the Blight Elimination Program efforts in Marion.

Aimee Morgan, Good Aim Communications

Creative Director/Director of Photography:
Daniel McBride, Good Aim Communications