Face of Foreclosure – Video Series

To spread the good news about Indiana’s Hardest Hit Fund program expansion, Good Aim Communications was contracted to script and oversee a large-scale, three-video project titled “The Face of Foreclosure.”

We set out to communicate that the program was expanding its assistance beyond unemployment-related need to many other hardships that prevent homeowners from being able to pay their mortgage—such as the death of a spouse, divorce, medical bills, job loss or military service injuries.

The series includes:

  • “Unemployed Wife” showing how a young couple grapples with a lost job and risk of foreclosure (hardship: unemployment)
  • “Cancer Survivor” featuring a family facing the wife/mother’s cancer and foreclosure (hardship:  medical expenses)
  • “Widow”, introducing a mother and son who mourn the loss of the husband/dad and struggle to keep their home (death of a contributing household member)

Through this series, we aimed to share the heart-felt message that homeowners of all backgrounds can be at risk of foreclosure—these are the faces of foreclosure. The videos were filmed by Road Pictures, a local professional film company, and directed by (the one and only) Zo Wesson.

The films were released with massive success, reaching thousands of homeowners, and helping increase calls and applications to Indiana’s Hardest Hit Fund.

EMMY AWARD-WINNING: This film series that Good Aim scripted won a Regional Emmy (community/public service category) in Lower Great Lakes area Chapter of The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS).

View the entire series, including full versions, as well as 30 second and 15 second versions.

Script/Account Lead:
Aimee Morgan and Daniel McBride, Good Aim Communications

Greg Malone, Road Pictures

Alphonzo Wesson